Sou a: Inici / V JPL / Comunicacions / Seminar and Hands-On on Orocos

Seminar and Hands-On on Orocos

The workshop will demonstrate Orocos by a use case: "RoboCatcher" (Visual servoing and Robot control). The workshop will decompose the use cases into Orocos components and present several possible application architectures which can cope with the problem at hand. As such, the programming primitives available in Orocos are explained by example. The choosen architecture is live demonstrated, exploring component interfaces and interacting with running Orocos components. There is room for requests from the public to manipulate or modify components, state machines, scripts or XML files. At the end of the workshop, the audience will have a good feel about what Orocos currently offers, how it can be combined with existing non-Orocos applications or libraries and where it is heading.